Project Specification Request


To report desktop computer or other technology support issues, contact the Unified Service Desk at extension 4130 or via e-mail at, or submit a service request on this portal.

Only use this form to request a software development project. Your request will be handled in the following manner:

  1. When a campus client requests a project from the Enterprise Applications Support team, OIT will, providing sufficient staffing and time is available to perform such, an initial Feasibility Study. If OIT does not have the available resources at that time, we can contract with (and the requesting department will have to pay for) an external organization to perform the initial Feasibility Study.
  2. All projects will be added to the current project list and evaluated against existing initiatives. Additional guidance may be sought in re-prioritizing projects within departments or between departments depending upon University needs. Prioritization will be collaboration between the requesting department, OIT and any advisory board/committee applicable (such as the Banner Users Group).
Project Request Form


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